Passmore Inspection & Consulting Limited

Company Profile

Passmore Inspection and Consulting Limited was founded in September 1984 and incorporated on February 1, 1985 to supply non-destructive testing, inspection, and consulting services to the marine, aerospace, oilfield, and industry in general. These services are performed throughout the Atlantic Provinces wherever specialized evaluation of new construction and components (welding, plates, forging, castings, etc.) and in-service components (boilers, piping, crankshafts, drive shafts, welded components, evaluation of ship's plating, storage tanks, etc.) are required. The purpose is to ensure the quality of manufactured items and to ensure that the in-service components have not failed, which may result in significant expense in case of complete failure, as well as possible injury to workers. In affiliation with Forgeron Engineering, we also inspect, test, and certify all types of cranes, boom trucks, and lifting devices. Forgeron Engineering also provides welding engineering and inspection.

Passmore Inspection & Consulting Limited has extensive experience in all areas of testing. We're certified to Lloyd´s Register, Germanicher Lloyds, Det Norske Veritas, and the American Bureau of Shipping to perform thickness gauging on various ships. We are also certified to CSA W178.1 and the Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association.